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The moment you walk through our front door, you will be welcomed by our courteous staff. Our waiting area is inviting and comfortably appointed, and we want you to know that both you and your business are important and appreciated.

We are a local airline, and our company was started in 1981 to serve the logging and fishing industries. Today, we focus solely on scheduled flights, point-to-point charters, tourism, and the company is in growth mode. While we continue to serve the resource sector, we have expanded to offer service to local communities and tourists.

Our owner, Bruce MacDonald, first began flying for Inland Air 22 years ago, and has long believed in the incredible potential of both the company and the

North Coast. In May 2006 he bought the business and today is building it into the kind of place he has always wanted to work.

”It‘s safety first, and if we can‘t fly, we won‘t even attempt it,“ MacDonald explains. A coastal pilot with 30 years‘ experience, he admits that he was at first hesitant about flying in this region because of the difficult weather and flying conditions. Even though he has grown to love the area, it has in no way diminished his respect for Mother Nature, and weather dictates every aspect of his company‘s day-to-day operations

Inland operates in a competitive market, and with 30 employees, our company seeks to distinguish itself through extraordinary professionalism and devotion to customers. Every person who works with Inland shares Bruce‘s commitment, from the energetic baggage handlers, through to the efficient dispatchers and smiling pilots. Each one contributes to the delivery of top-notch service and an excellent product.

Our guests often comment about our friendly, comfortable waiting room that we have appointed with a large taxidermied eagle , First Nation artwork and free wifi for Internet access. Our customers also enjoy the experience of flying with our experienced pilots in our D‘Haviland Beavers.

The company‘s aircraft are among the best equipped seaplanes in Canada, and since every aircraft is equipped with headsets, our pilot and passengers can communicate during the tour flights.

If you need extra assistance or require special handling, or just want a tour that‘s a little bit different, we are more than ready to work out the logistics. Each person who works with us brings experience and expertise to help ensure that all the needs of our guests are met — and customers often tell us it‘s more than they ever expected. We all care immensely, and this is why our company has a loyal following.


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Inland Air Charters Ltd. has been operating from its Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada base in Seal Cove since 1980. The company was originally founded to serve the logging and fishing industries.

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