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Flightseeing Tours

Flightseeing Tours

Tour Departures

Passengers are requested to gather at the Inland Air office thirty (30) minutes prior to departure you will be advised of the departure time when your tour booking is confirmed. Our office building has a sign, and you are requested to check-in with our agent. We are open from 08:00 hrs until dusk each day. Our planes arrive and depart from the waterfront pier, and our office is situated directly across from the Premier Creek Lodging on Oceanview Drive in the village of Queen Charlotte.

Pre-flight Briefing

All visitors to the UNESCO World Heritage Site/Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve/Haida Heritage Site are required to pay an entry fee and to complete an orientation before entering the park. Revenues are collected by Parks Canada to support visitor services and facilities. Gwaii Haanas fees support the Haida Gwaii Watchmen program, public safety, the orientation, interpretation, and monitoring programs, and the maintenance of water hoses and boardwalks at village sites. Your pilot will complete the Gwaii Haanas orientation with each group prior to departure. Each guest will be provided with a map in order to follow the tour route during the flight.


Queen Charlotte Islands Flightseeing Excursions & Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve Tours

The price for all flightseeing excursions and Gwaii Haanas tours are based on the charter of the entire aircraft. Whether we fly with only one passenger or at maximum capacity, the price for the tour is the same. Unless otherwise specified, the cost of the tour is shared equally by each passenger, and we make every effort to blend groups to achieve the best pricing possible for each guest.

Prince Rupert Flightseeing Excursions

Prices on our Prince Rupert Flightseeing Excursions are based on a minimum of two passengers. The tour price is fixed, and each passenger, be it 2 or five, pays the same amount. We will be pleased to fly with only one guest and the rate for a custom excursion will be determined by the duration of the flight.

Point-to-Point Charters

A point-to-point charter typically occurs when one charters an aircraft from a location other than where that aircraft is based and is also known as a transient aircraft charter. Point-to-point pricing is usually the result of an empty leg being chartered for a portion of the primary routing of the original air charter itinerary. Our rates for point-to-point charters are governed by our tariff, and you may view it on this site. Please telephone with questions and for quotes.


Inlet Adventure - Excursion 910

Skidegate Inlet has been a center of commerce and culture since before European contact. This tour takes you to the significant early communities of Skidegate, Sandspit and Queen Charlotte. Our pilot will describe a brief history of each while ..read on »

Mountains of the Edge - Excursion 911

This tour is a pilot’s favourite! Departing from Queen Charlotte City we fly over the San Christoval Mountain Range where the coastal mountains reach an unbelievable state of jagged scenic chaos mixed with beautiful mossy alpine meadows.

East Coast Sea Cruise - Excursion 912

Join us for a southern cruise through beautiful tall second-growth timbers and through a maze of inlets into Gwaii Haanas Park. Fly past Hotspring Island and along east coast beaches past ancient Haida village sites of Windy Bay, Skedans, Cumshewa, ..read on »

West Coast Ship Wreck - Excursion 913

Departing from Queen Charlotte City with the right weather, our west coast tours are our most spectacular – where the restless power of the open Pacific carves its mark into the rock shore. See the victim of the might – the wreck of the 500 foot ..read on »

Wild West Coast - Excursion 914

Departing from Queen Charlotte City soar past the myriad of inlets that make up this most formidable section of the coast. Fly past Chaatl village and try to get a glimpse of a totem. See the harbor of Kaisun village as you proceed along the ..read on »

Hotspring Island, Gandll K’in Gwaayaay Tour

Departing from Queen Charlotte City enjoy spectacular aerial views of this unique area as you fly to Hotspring Island to relax in one of the hot pools found on this island. Called Hot-Water-Island by the Haida, Gandll K'in Gwaayaay was well known ..read on »

Ninstints / SGang Gwaay Tour

The best preserved of the ancient villages on Haida Gwaii, Ninstints/Saan Gwaii was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. It embodies the rugged Pacific beauty and rich ecology of the coast and the 10,000 year Haida connection with the land ..read on »

Skedans / K’uuna ‘Ilnagaay Tour

Skedans, is located on the northeast shore of Louise Island at the head of Cumshewa Inlet. The village was built on a peninsula facing south, looking into Skedans Bay and backed by a high rocky cliff. It was the perfect location for the seafaring ..read on »

North to Alaska - Excursion 904

Departing from Prince Rupert, our destination is Ketchikan, Alaska for a visit to this frontier community and its non-stop summer activity. Your 50-minute flight provides marvelous sightseeing along the sheltered Inside Passage.

Misty Mountain Fjord Tour - Excursion 903

Join us for a trip to one of the most remarkable area of our planet, on this full-hour spectacular. Departing from Prince Rupert, our trip combines aerial highlights of glacial valleys and rarely-visited snow-capped peaks and icefields with ..read on »

Tsimshian Peninsula Tour - Excursion 902

You‘ll get an eye-full on this number-one seller, with 30 minutes of actual airtime as you take in the spectacular features of the Coast Range Mountains, North America‘s youngest mountain range. You will fly over the traditional lands of the ..read on »

North Coast Beachcomber Special - Excursion 901

Get a sense of the forces of nature shaping the North Coast, and the see how the land has adapted to our rain coast environment on our ”Beachcomber Special“.

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