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    The Best Preserved of the Ancient Villages on Haida Gwaii, Ninstints/Saan Gwaii was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981.

North Coast Beachcomber Special - Excursion 901

North Coast Beachcomber Special - Excursion 901

Get a sense of the forces of nature shaping the North Coast, and the see how the land has adapted to our rain coast environment on our ”Beachcomber Special“. Join us to explore the coastline and beaches of the coastal mainland and nearby islands for a first-hand look at the exposed rugged shoreline and the new pocket beaches forming in tiny bays that indent the coast. We fly low so you can watch for wildlife that roams the shoreline, or and herring balls, schools of salmon, sea lions and maybe even a pod of Orca or Humpback whales in the waters below. We‘ll fly over tiny islands where ocean swells pound exposed beaches, and show you the secluded breeding grounds of local sea lions. You‘re sure to come away with a new appreciation of the landscape and for the environment. Photo opportunities are remarkable, and this excursion is ideal in the diffuse natural light of overcast days.

Duration 1 Hour 15 Min
Departure Time Departs on Demand 
Capacity Min 3 passengers

Air Transportation Charges
Price $381.15

Taxes, fees and charges

 $ 19.06 gst

 Total: $ 400.21 per person


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