• FlightSeeing Tour Excursion to Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

    The Best Preserved of the Ancient Villages on Haida Gwaii, Ninstints/Saan Gwaii was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981.



We are pleased to provide you with particulars on your cargo and excess baggage rates.  By clicking the "Our cargo and excess baggage rates 2016" link this will bring you to our cargo and excess baggage rates. Please be prepared to tell us your destination and the proposed number of passengers so we may complete appropriate calculations.

We are pleased to announce we now provide a local delivery serivce as well, you will recieve 10% off shipments going through to our scheduled flight destinations when you use our delivery service. For rates click "Our delivery van rates"

For destination charter flights to Hotspring Islands, Skedans, and Ninstints, we request that you confine your baggage to one day pack. For further information please see the What to Bring page.


What to Bring

Baggage allowance for charter destination tours. Maximum baggage for tours is one knapsack with clothing, food, water, etc. Note: Baggage allowance is limited by airplane safety requirements.

Inland Air Cargo and Delivery Service

Save 10% on local shipments going through to our scheduled flight destination!!!

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