• Planning a fishing trip at one of the many amazing fishing lodges on the North Coast, Inland Air will get you there

    We fly our guests over some of the most interesting and spectacular landscape in North America.

What to Bring

What to Bring

Baggage allowance for charter destination tours

*Maximum baggage for tours is one knapsack with clothing, food, water, etc.

Note: Baggage allowance is limited by airplane safety requirements.


  • Dress for weather conditions
  • You may get wet feet getting on and off planes
  • Layered clothing is best
  • The boat operator at Rose Harbour supplies cruiser suits
  • Lighweight rain gear, gloves and hats are recommended

Sites En Route:

  • Pilots will point out various points of interest
  • Binoculars do not serve well in the aircraft but may be useful once at site


  • No food or beverages available at tour sites
  • It is reccomended to bring a light lunch and drinking water

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